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Thank you for giving our daughter such a warm welcome into Taigum Kids, Centre 2 this week. I can see from the beaming smiles in photos that she is enjoying herself.  I had a little look at your room last Thursday morning whilst everyone was out in the yard and I wanted to give you feedback on how impressed I was with the room.

It was immaculately clean and although I’m yet to meet you in person Glenys, I can tell you and Bec have a passion for kids. The room feels like a warm and welcoming place, I love how personalised the walls are with kids photos, names,  heights, eyes etc.

I saw the teepee tent with books carefully prepared for storytime later in the day. Looked so inviting. I love the interesting and varied activities you do with kids and appreciate all the preparation time.

With my daughter in daycare 4 days a week I want her to feel super comfy and like she really belongs in the her little group. I think we have found that group –Taigum family

” The centre is very willing to go the extra mile to help.  Childcare is affordable for anyone in any circumstances” :)Capalaba Family

”Great Service, everyone is so friendly and welcoming!  My daughter loves it here!” – Capalaba Family

”Geetha, I also wish to express our appreciation for the effort you, Rachel and Fernanda put into Charlie’s care.  You certainly are Charlie’s favourite with him reciting your name constantly at home, along with Rachel, which is Ra-Ra, Tennille and Sammy. It’s very cute.  We can see that Charlie is learning through the projects you are doing. Not a plane, truck, tractor, train etc goes by without him noticing.  We now look forward to the farm animals project.” – Taigum Family

” Tennille provides wonderful leadership and there is an obvious rapport between the long
term staff, this great working environment makes Taigum Kids a happy and positive
place where I am comfortable leaving my sons” – Taigum family

”The kind and caring attitudes towards the children, providing variety outside activities, the garden and within the room different activities are set out” – Taigum Family

”A big thank you to all, job well done to each and every one of you every day” – Taigum Family

”A great team that helps each other” – Taigum Family

“My daughter is doing very well in her new room and Miss Kylie emails me every Friday so I am very pleased with how things are going. She is getting very clever and I believe she is ready for school” – Browns Plains Family

“I am very impressed with Miss Candice as the flash cards have helped my child a lot with his speech. He is much more calm in his new room and at home with less tantrums and sooking.” – Browns Plains Family

“I wanted to write to you and tell you how lucky I feel to have Erina teaching my daughter in the preschool room. Erina is making some fantastic changes in her classroom and it is having a positive effect on my daughter. Before Erina started there, I didn’t often get to talk to anyone about what my daughter was doing during the day but now Erina, Sandra or Diana always have something to tell me when I come to pick my daughter up. Even if it is something as simple as “she had a great day today.” It makes a big difference to me to have that contact with the people who look after my daughter.” – Browns Plains Family

“As you know, I’m studying my B.Ed Early Childhood degree at uni and have taken the opportunity to talk to Erina quite abit about her personal teaching philosophy. Everything she talks about and believes about children’s learning reflects current research and understandings for best practice for early childhood education. The changes she is making are regarded as beneficial for children, which will give them the best start in education.” – Browns Plains Family

“Gosh, I just get tired reading all the activities my child has been doing!” – Capalaba Family

“My baby Bohdi started at Centre 2 in January this year.  After having difficulty with Bohdi’s fluid intake I spoke with his carers. I almost started crying when I saw all the extra effort Miss Zoe and Miss Belle had gone to, to address my concerns with Bohdi’s bottles! I felt so relieved that he was in such capable hands!  Bohdi has recently transitioned to tiny tots and I was so to see the staff had gone the extra mile to transfer the process and ensure his feeding needs were met there too!  I have been meaning to write this email for some time now, but I want to thank all of Bohdi’s carers for their amazing work, it has made such a difference to my trust in letting someone else care for my child.  Looking forward to many more adventures with Miss Jade and Miss Amy” – Capalaba Family

“We love Capalaba Kids because the staff are all very welcoming and caring, and Peyton has learnt so much whilst she’s been there”.  Faulkner family

“We love Capalaba Kids because all the staff are so welcoming, kind, and genuinely care for our bubba”. Wilkinson family

The staff at Taigum Kids ensured us that we never have to worry about our child’s happiness, safety and that they were in good hands. From the first day I visited to inspect the centre I know that I had made the best choose for our child. The greeting from the Director provided everything that you needed. The feeling of belonging and community in the centre was overwhelming and I truly would love to thank all staff at the centre for the care they provide. Turnover of staff is extremely low and this made for a very happy centre and very happy children. The teachers and the centre’s administrator are very caring and flexible to us as parents as well. Communication is always open and all staff are easily approachable. This is a wonderful group of people with sate of the art facilities.

From the transition from Senior kindy to the kindergarten program they developed so well and we really do credit much of that to the great care and attention receive.


We hope that future parents have the same experience as we have and we feel fortunate that we were able to attend a centre like this for our children.


Once again thanks again to the Director and Staff for making our time at Taigum Kids memorable and unforgettable.

I am not sure if you realise how remarkably significant you have been in ensuring Tommy can become the best Tommy he can be. As a family, we are acutely aware of the important place you have in his life. Tommy loves going to day care, he loves his friends there, and thrives on what you teach him. He has come such a long way since those early days when he would only stay from 9am until 11am.’

Tommy is on to new adventures next year, taking with him all the love, care, commitment and joy you have hard wired into his very being. We will be sad to see this era finish, but Isaac will take his place, and we know the magic you work every day with our delightful little children. We are happy, relaxed and relived that Isaac will be with you all as he grows and develops.

We have always believed in the centrality of the early years in making the men and women of the future. I know you share this passion too.

As the trusted and significant people in Tommy’s life during his care with you, would you now make sure Tommy will know you all, what you have done for him as he grows, develops and experiences other educators and carers during the years ahead.

We have bought this book for him to keep into the future. We would be honoured if you would write a message to Tommy anywhere in the book. This way he will know about his earliest teachers, their thoughts on him, and how they shared him into a young man we all know he will become.
Miriam Locke (Tommy’s Granny)

“I’m so happy I finally found this hidden gem in Browns Plains. Beautifully presented centre and caring and nurturing educators who take the time to provide children with enriching experiences. My kids love coming here!”

“Wow! What an amazing centre! High quality programs and friendly educators.”

“Quality programs for children and clean and welcoming environments.”

“My girl loves going there, the staff are super friendly and amazing with the kids.”

“We love coming to Taigum Kids, my daughter absolutely loves the educators, they make her feel safe and secure.”

“Putting our son into KIDS ELC when he was 8mths old was the very best choice we made in his early development. They are a caring, wonderful team that always put the child first. The staff communicate with us often in our son’s progress. We couldn’t be happier.”. Goodna Kids ELC Family

“Really fantastic day care. The staff there have been super-awesome with taking care of our daughter – always happy to pick her up and take care of her when we drop her off so she feels welcomed and taken care of. We’re sad to have to take her away next year to start her at her new primary school. I couldn’t recommend the team at Kids ELC Rochedale highly enough.”. Rochedale Kids ELC Family


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