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Are these the designer childcare centres of your dreams?

A well-planned early childhood environment is top of the list for any parent looking for just the right childcare centre for their child. Some centres are taking the idea several steps further with some boasting water play parks, an array of Montessori play environments and child-led teaching and learning programs.

And looking at the photos of the new breed of centres, it’s little wonder parents are clamouring to get their children in. Kids ELC has just launched its thirteenth multi-million dollar centre in Brisbane, complete with facilities to make your jaw drop. The new centre offers ‘relaxation retreats’ and a water park, as well as a pool where children have swimming lessons with an accredited swim instructor.

The rooms can be accessed by discovery tunnels which link the children’s cafeteria and food laboratory, where children experiment with making food, and the art studio, which offers sewing, sculpture, painting and drawing tasks. The centre’s philosophy is based on Reggio Emilia, which places the child in charge of his or her own learning and the educators as facilitators.