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Is this Australia’s Finest Childcare Centre?

A new centre opening in Springwood, Queensland might just have the answer to the water safety problem-it has a pool on site complete with licensed swimming instructors who can teach baby’s as young as six months basic water skills.

The new kids early learning centre (Kids ELC) looks pretty incredible.on top of the pool it has a splashy water play area and a food exploration labaratory where kids can discover their passion for food, a children’s cafeteria. It also has a dedicated art studio offering painting sculpting, drawing, and sewing activities.

Child lead learing

The five separates studio areas are connected with tunnels to crawl through and the cantre uses the Raggio Emilia technique for learning. This philosophy is about giving the children the tools to create their own curriculum and following their lead for learning.

Kids ELC Operations Manager, Candice Geoghegan said they were looking to fill a need for quality childcare in Australia.

“Our routines and learning experiences are flexible allowing children to learn, express, explore, extend and re-visit any given project, “Ms, Geoghegan said. “Our aim is to provide the highest quality environments and programs for our children and we are really excited about the opening of our Springwood centre because we know that it will do just that.”

Surprisingly affordable

While parents around the country are easily forking out over a hundred dollars a day for childcare, the Springwood ELC is $92 a day for the under three age group and $90 for over threes, that price is all-inclusive of meals and nappies.

The catch? the centre is pretty much booked up before it has even officially opened and the wait list is filling up fast too. Do you think they’d accept adults? (I’m pretty keen to spend my day laughing by the pools…)