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Our Promise

Cassie Hobbs

General Manager

At Kids ELC, we believe that children require an inspiring, resourceful, undistracted and happy environment in which to grow. Each child is a unique and gifted individual, and they deserve exceptional care and personal education. We are committed to a holistic approach to learning which is nurtured in an environment that promotes and supports connection, all aspects of your child’s education, and development through play.

Drawing from the Reggio Emilia Educational Approach, our play-based curriculum is built on the principles of respect, responsibility, participation and courage; in an enriching learning environment reflecting the image of the child. We work towards empowering your child to achieve and develop a positive self-esteem, a desire for exploration and learning, and an aspiration for innovation. We also inspire them to develop a considerate and respectful attitude towards others and the environment.

Our Educators pride themselves on the ability to create an atmosphere of delight, profound warmth and empathy, while promoting a strong desire for exploration, imaginationand creative expression. At Kids ELC, we nurture curiosity to inspire a passion for understanding and mastery, building a strong foundation for every child’s future.